Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Dollars Worth!

Now, I don't know if I'm going to do this every night, but maybe I will if the Suns keep winning. These videos are fun anyways. Here are the highlights from the game tonight against Golden State. Starting out the season 2-0!

Yes, you heard right. Steve Nash dropped two dollars worth of dimes* all over court! So, just in case you missed it...

I also have to include a favorite play of the night. Shannon Brown throwin' down! (I love this because he's a point guard who can SKY! Plus, the Lakers lost... double happiness for me!)

*Dropping Dimes is a slang term meaning: to make an assist in basketball i.e. to pass the ball to a teamate who then successfully scores a basket. Usually this term is used in streetball competitions. (I also believe the term is used when referring to a quick drug deal of ten dollars worth of drugs aka a quick hit... but what do I know?)

ps- Two dollars worth of dimes equals 20 dimes aka 20 assists


The Little's said...

Thanks for explaining the dimes thing...I'm not black, nor do I play street ball. Appreciate the help.

Dubya D. said...

I AM black and I still appreciate the help.

Lyle and Kathi Gadbury said...

No wonder you love the guy....he's awesome....dimes and all!