Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ball Jury In Basket

Hey Garlan... are you still using those crutches? If you're not, I'd love to borrow them... I mean... ahem... I have a friend of a friend who needs them. He... um... hurt his leg in the first ever X-games extreme bareback horse riding competition. I guess that's what happens when you try to be the Travis Pastrana of bareback and land the first back flip... on horseback. (What's amazing is he actually got the horse all the way around... he just kinda slipped through the stirrup on the landing...)

At least he was trying something cool... unlike you. Please read about Garlan here. I just have a few points to make. 1) You can't take anyone off the dribble. You're too slow and don't have any handles (besides the kind that begin with 'love'). 2) You can't jump. Especially off one foot. You're white... and trash. You're white trash. Please read more about Garlan here.

Naw, I'm just kidding about the white part...

Anyways... about those crutches. I think... I mean, my friend of a friend thinks he may need them soon. He's in a lot of pain and really shouldn't be putting any weight on it. Especially because he didn't do the exact same thing that you did to your ankle. That would be ridiculous of him. And definitley not smart... and mostly, extremely ironic. Especially because I texted you about it an hour before I hurt... I mean, my friend of a friend hurt himself.

So it's been about ten hours since I... he did it... should he still be nauseated? In extreme pain?... ...Crying?... Just wonderin'. ... Yeah so let me/us/him know... Thanks.