Monday, April 20, 2009

Bart and Dan- Episode 2

**Since we've had a flood/tidal wave of comments from the Pilot episode (thanks mom), we've decided to share Episode 2 with you. We want you all to know that this is serious and we're serious. So, SO serious.

Episode 2- Bart Writes A Theme Song For The Band They’re Not In

Scene 1

Bart is sitting with large earmuff headphones mumbling to different songs: (Almost maybe similarly kinda like the Lebron James commercial)

I Don’t Wanna Wait- Paula Cole

Quit Playing Games- BSB

If We Were a Movie- Hannah Montana

Encarnacion- Nacho Libre

Big Girls Don’t Cry- Fergie


Scene 2

Montage of Bart playing different ‘instruments’: Guitar hero/ plastic recorder/ harmonica

B is playing the harmonica and slowly transitions to licking it.

D: Is that ketchup?


Scene 3: Real guitar

B: See, guitar hero really does make you the guitar’s hero. I just saved this *brand name* six string acoustic from the burning, hot flames of a three-story house fire.

D: No you didn’t.

B: Well I rescued her from an evil tyrannical oppressor.

D: You took it from Cameron’s room.

(shot of Cameron with shirt off rubbing his belly and brushing his teeth)

B: *playing and singing* Let your hair down, Repunzel… and I’ll save you from the evil tyrant who’s badguy name is Cameron…


Closing Scene

Dan plays amazingly on the classical guitar.


Dubya D. said...

I always viewed you as the straight man. The Spade to Chris's Farley. The Martin to Jerry's Lewis. The Bart to Willie's Harnish. I think I lost myself...

The Little's said...

Can you play the kazoo? Just a thought...ALSO, I really can't wait to see this one. I'm a big fan already. Maybe I will even invest...hmm. Think about it. I'll be back.

Lyle and Kathi Gadbury said...

nice ending. Do you think you could get paid for this kind of stuff....? worth a try....Tia said she'd invest...I'm sure there'd be others.