Friday, February 27, 2009

The Steve Nash Connection

Everyone who reads my blog knows I have a slight man-crush on Steve Nash. And if you didn't quite catch that from the pics, videos, and hearts scribbled around his name in my diary... I mean, uh... look, a bromance can be a healthy part of a single man's life.

Well, I finally found it. The connection of my world to his. And no, I'm not talking about having the same hairstyle, ballin' shoes, or game time mannerisms. Nor am I talking about ballin' with him when I dream, doing his off-season work out, or studying his game film. What I am talking about is a real life, actual connection... in my mind.

Try and keep up... I'm from Wyoming. My mom's two brothers live there. One of them owns a smoothie shop called RubyJuice. I worked there for a few summers. A girl named Kelley also worked there. Kelley's mom, Caren, was best friends growing up with Alvin Gentry. Who is Alvin Gentry? Alvin Gentry is the Phoenix Suns head coach, after being an assistant coach since 2004. Gentry is the coach of Steve Nash!

Someday, I'll find it. The Steve Nash Connection: B-ball and Steve Nash and me.


Liz and Willie Harnish said...

Who says girls don't play catch? :)

Liz and Willie Harnish said...

Nothing wrong with Bromances, although I would be worried if you were focusing your attention on Shaq.

Bailey said...

I know a girl who's almost as obsessed as you...I'm sure she would have had your babies...but she's already married. The good ones are all taken.

Dubya D. said...

Okay, the fact that you used the word "bromance" and included an allusion to "The Rainbow Connection" makes me worry about your singleness. Then again, you are mad talented on the court and so my worries are warrantless. Also, why do I even know "The Rainbow Connection" reference. It's okay, I'm married!

Kathi and Lyle said...

Someday you'll figure out that there are people all over this planet loving the connection they have with YOU.