Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmastime was here

So I've been getting complaints from a select few followers of my blog (who shall remain nameless: Tricia). These anonymous fans have made clear their disconent of the impersonal nature of the content contained herein. So... here's me... personalizing.

This is (in order of appearance) cuz Alisa, Uncle Dave, ME and Aunt Steph in a yearly ritual of 'One-on-One Hoops'. It's a card game that is played like the real game of basketball. (It is also known as 'Church Ball'.) My Uncle Dave (the one in the red shirt) invented it. Yeah we still can't believe he actually thought of something. Anyways... notice the smiles on my and Alisa's face.

Well... unfair Uncle Dave put in a sub in the second half. They made a furious come-back... and he nailed a three at the buzzer to win the game. Needless to say (and honestly, I'd really rather not say it...) we were stunned.

My widdle Bubsy and I got matching Santa tatoos. (They're not gay.)

And I'm not sure why we're laughing. But this is what happens during the traditional White Elephant gift exchange.

I then arm wrestled my Aunt Peggy. There is no need to inform my readers of the identity of the winner.
I soon thereafter cut my hair (and my bangs... haha Janet).

This week we had a 'The Office' party. I am Jim.

This is the rest of the crew.
So I've made an executive decision (because I do that when I blog) and I will update this post until I no longer feel the need. EnJoY!


triciaaaa! said...

thanks bart. i appreciate you making it more personal.
a few things to clear up though.

the fake tats are a little gay.
my mom clearly beat you in that arm wrestling competition.
and, where am i in your pictures? no where. i am hurt and shocked.

Kathi said...

Yeah, and where are the pics of your devoted parental units, pets and the rest of the fam'?

but, moving right along...I like your hair. How come your such a dang handsome son? Like your 'bubbies"?

and...furthermore....your followers are glad you are continuing to write....especially your number 1 follower....Madre!

Timand Alisa said...

We won that game. I will not admit to the loss. Dave cheated. Period. WE WON. The end!