Sunday, September 21, 2008

YoYo- Ma or Yo kidz Mama?

A recent conversation between my buddy Dan and I while enjoying some instrumental music on a Sunday evening:

Dan: If I could find a girl that played like this…(referring to the skill level of YoYo-Ma) I would marry her on the spot.

Bart: What is she playing?

Dan (responding in a more forceful way, thinking I didn’t hear him the first time) If… I…could… ….

Bart: I know, I know!... But what is she playing??

D: The cello.

B: So why don’t you find someone who can play the cello?

D:(With the most serious, disgruntled face imaginable) Cause I don’t want to get married on the spot!

(At this point I’ve rolled over laughing, and he continues to explain while starting to laugh himself) Because if I did meet her, I’d have to marry her right there. I’d be obligated.

B: Because she's masterful at playing the cello?

D: Yes.

PS. I’ve recently found out that in Mormon society, about 80% of the guys date 20% of the girls.


Trav and Kris said...

What the blog???? Loooovvvee it!

bretsonjeep said...

good stuff brother! You are correct about that 20 -80 jazz only, its 20% of the guys date 80% of the time, and its about 35% of the girls that get asked...

The Little's said...

The percentages have me baffled. Watch out, boys! I'm taken (good thing, cause I can't figure out the math...)